Social Media Case Studies

How Our Social Media Advertising Agency Delivers Results

With the most diverse users in the world, this social media platform is guaranteed to host your dream demographic. They’re just waiting for your brand.

We’re here to scientifically target those audiences for you, whoever they are and whatever you’re selling.

How does it work? The Facebook Ad platform uses a highly effective targeting system that can identify your ideal customer. For example, their likes, age and location. Today, there aren’t many websites that don’t have the Facebook pixel installed, categorising users’ interests so ads can be targeted.

The Good Marketer team harness this technology and put their expertise to good use. Our social media agency in London increases the likelihood of sales for your business because we can target the customers more likely to need and buy your products or services.

Paid social media advertising is a revelation. As attention spans are proven to be dropping, wielding the power of an image has never been more effective - and essential.

Yet, it needs to be the right picture, at the right time, and to the right audience. That’s what we do.

As a leading Paid Social Media Agency in London, The Good Marketer can help you take advantage of the 31% of shoppers who use Instagram to browse for their next purchase.

How do we achieve this? We believe that to instinctively target your customer - backed by experience, analysis and industry tools - and understand what your audience is looking for - it’s our business to get to know your business. We deep dive into your brand to roll out our digital marketing super powers.

Instagram uses Facebook’s demographic data to show ads to your ideal customers, it makes the tool incredibly valuable when targeting a niche audience; because we will already have that data.

As a full service digital marketing agency in London, we fuse the magic of your social media channels to make fireworks, harnessing insights and data from everywhere to enhance performance.

The Pixel is an invaluable analytics tool (code) created by Facebook gurus. And our Paid Social Media experts use it to great effect when building targeted campaigns to get you more business.

By installing on your website (don’t worry, we can take care of that for you!), the Pixel can assist us by monitoring visitors to your site and using that data to help us track conversions from Paid Social Media Ads for you.

By having this intelligence at our fingertips it helps us target the right audiences for your future ads, and remarket to those who’ve already visited your site

It’s useful because it lets us know they’re interested in what you offer (or they wouldn’t have visited your site to begin with, right?). But what’s SO smart is that we can now put your products in front of the customers who, for whatever reason, didn’t take that final step and purchase or book the first time around. It could have been for any number of reasons; but what’s important is we can now talk to them again and remind them you’re still here and still have something great to offer them!